Marilyn, Hello! Florida

"Our partnership with Synergy Health Now has been seamless, highly professional and turnkey.  We were in need of fitness and wellness services for our clients and we were connected to Marie, the owner of Synergy Health Now.  Marie is a pleasure to work with. We conveyed what we needed for our clients and her company delivered!  And our clients are thrilled with the quality of fitness and wellness programs that have been offered."


Zenzl Sky

"Marie, the owner of Synergy Health Now is the most humble and genuine person, an absolute pleasure to work with. Her caring and gentle nature guides and assists you on your personal health journey. If you're seeking greater health, more knowledge to make better lifestyle choices, or have personal goals to live a happier and more fulfilled life, I definitely recommend connecting with her. I've personal taken her yoga classes and joined in on some of her wellness workshops. She is a fountain of knowledge and when you meet a truly dedicated, honest and authentic person, you can feel it! Thank you Marie for your guiding light!"


Stephanie, Hello! Florida

“Marie connected with me about a year ago. We hired her company, Synergy Health Now, to teach several yoga classes as well as a stress reduction class to our employees. Additionally, we use Marie and her team for health and wellness programs when our clients are in need of one. Marie’s professionalism, diversity of fitness and wellness classes, and ease of doing business allow us to trust her with our clients and to continue contacting her with business.”

Anna Skye

"One of the best yoga classes I have ever experienced. I am also using this company for health coaching. Changing my diet has reduced my inflammation, boosted my energy level, etc. I feel so much better. I would highly recommend this company."